Write MSA 603 Draft Paper and have it edited prior to submission .Strategic Implications MSA 603

At this point, you have collected and analyzed data necessary to answer your research questions for this core course. Early in the week you must write your MSA 603 Draft Paper using the MSA 603 Core Course Paper Template. Before writing it be sure to use the APA Style and other Writing Requirements (reviewed and explained in Lecture 3) to ensure that you have complied with all of the requirements listed in that document.

After writing the paper and ensuring that it complies with the APA Style & Other Writing Requirements guidance, have the paper edited either by sending it to the CMU Online Wriitng Center (see Writing Center option on Bb Menu) or having someone at home or work edit for you. Do not make the mistake of submitted a “raw” (unedited) draft report. 

MSA 698 Directed Administrative Portfolio

Paper #1 MSA 603 Strategic Planning for Administrators

General Instructions (Strategic Implications MSA 603 )

This is the template that you must use for writing the MSA603 paper in your MSA 698 course. The basic guidelines for writing this report are as follows:

  • The body of the report (excluding the cover page, References and any other appendixes) must not exceed 10 pages.
  • All contents must fully comply with the MSA698 APA Style Guidelines.
  • All sources must be cited. Otherwise, the ethics violation of plagiarism will have been violated.
  • The contents of this report must relate to the primary MSA 698 research topic, but must also thorough address the MSA 603 course topics based on the Action Plan that was approved for this paper. It must include a review of scholarly literature, discuss other relevant facts related to strategic issues, and include analysis of the literature and other facts and conclusions regarding the strategic implications for the organization.

As can be seen in subsequent sections of this template, analysis for this paper should consist of: review of related literature, external and internal implications, business- and corporate-level strategy, and structure and control systems. These topics provide alignment with the MSA 603 textbook.

  • Do not include a table of contents.
  • Use sub-titles to separate distinct sections of the report.
  • As indicated in the MSA 698 APA Style ad Writing Guidelines, do not include blank lines or extra spacing between paragraphs or sections.
  • Do not start new sections on a new page as that will limit the content, since the report is limited to a maximum of 10 pages.

Strategic Implications for
…Use same title here as was used on the Cover Page…

Section 1: Introduction and Strategic-Level Questions

Introduce the organization being examined as part of this study. Keep the introduction brief – no more than a paragraph; about three or four sentences. State the name of the organization, its purpose, and where it is located.

Introduce the major problem, challenge, issue, or opportunity being examined for MSA 698. Describe which parts of the organization are involved in the issue (departments, entire organization, etc.). Explain in a sentence or two how the issue impacts the organization. This content should be no more than two paragraphs in length.

Conclude this section by explaining that specific questions related to strategic planning were developed and approved and are analyzed in this paper. The issues are stated below and the subsequent sections of this paper present a brief review of the related literature, presentation of other collected information and associated analysis using the strategic planning framework and answers to the following questions. Those questions are:

1. Include the approved issues from your MSA 603 action plan here.

Section 2: Brief Review of the Literature

Provide a brief synthesis of scholarly literature, comprised of at least six and no more than 10 scholarly research studies. If you have not listened to the MSA 698 recorded lecture for developing the MSA 603 paper, do so now. A literature review is not a linear review of one article after another. It is a synthesis of collected articles. The method for synthesizing the content is discussed in the recorded lecture.

Use CMU Global Campus Library Services (gcls.edu) to obtain scholarly articles. Contact the librarians and they will help. If you have not listened to the GCLS recorded lecture for this MSA 698 course, do so now. Strategic Implications MSA 603

What approach should you use to search for scholarly literature related to your primary topic? There are several approaches for doing so. You can search for articles that have the terms “strategic planning,” “strategic management,” and “strategic management,” and also include search terms for your organization’s sector (e.g., health care, automobile manufacturing, public administration, etc.) as a second search term. This should provide some useful articles.

A second search strategy might include searching for the same strategic search terms noted above and then to include a second search term more targeted to your major issue such as “health care turnover,” “automating manual processes,” “implementing new lines of business,” etc. While doing these searches, you may also identify literature that will be useful for the other papers that you must write this semester including MSA 601, MSA 604 and MSA 602. So be sure to download such articles and store them for later use to save time.

After collecting scholarly literature, use the method described in the MSA 698 recorded lecture for developing a synthesis of your literature. This section should not exceed three pages in length. Be sure to include a final paragraph summarizing the key points from the literature that relate to the MSA 603 Strategic Implications Action Plan questions.

Section 3: External and Internal Implications of Issue Being Examined

Identify and explain the external and internal strategic factors related to your issue in this section. Be careful about extensive use of lists with bullet items. Most of this section must be written in narrative format. For external and internal issues that are not relevant to the major MSA 698 issue just state that that is the case in a sentence or two (e.g. The shift from internal servers to Cloud computing does not involve global forces.) Identify those issues that are most relevant to the major MSA 698 issue.

Your analysis of the organization’s external environment and associated opportunities and threats should focus on key elements that were identified in your MSA 603 text, including these categories: 1) demographic forces (aging population, changing youth tastes, more diverse, geographic shifts, etc.), 2) political/legal forces (regulation & taxation, policy shifts (e.g. repealing ACA), 3) social forces (changing values, more, and norms, shopping online instead of at stores), 4) technological forces (new ways to interact with customers, new ways to produce or deliver services, need to upgrade technology to keep pace with competition, etc.), 5) macroeconomic forces (economy’s growth rate, interest rates, exchange rates, inflation, etc.), and 7) global forces (international trade and trading blocs (e.g., EU, NAFTA), conflict and terrorism, international economic problems (e.g. Greek bankruptcy, Brexit, etc.), and global market disruptions). See the following diagram for a visual depiction of these forces. After reviewing the diagram, delete it from your paper.

Be sure to include considerations of current and future issues. For example, although driverless technology is not a current threat that situation might change during the next two to three years and would need to be identified if your organization is operating in the transportation sector.  

essay writing help Strategic Implications MSA 603

For internal issues, consider the various elements included in the following diagram. Identify strategic implications of your issue for any of the following internal elements that you believe are relevant to your issue. Delete this diagram after completing your analysis and narrative about internal strengths and weaknesses section. Strategic Implications MSA 603

Homework help Strategic Implications MSA 603

In the last paragraph of this section, highlight the opportunities, threats, strengths, and weaknesses that relate to the major MSA 698 issue.

Section 4: Implications for Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategy

Given the mission or “main thing” of the organization being studied, and the issues identified in the preceding sections, discuss the business-level and any corporate-level strategies that are impacted by the MSA 698 major issue. To what extent must current strategies be adjusted to address the major issue? Are new strategies needed? Should the organization discontinue pursuing certain existing strategies in order to use the resources for new necessary strategies (note that this might give you a link, later in the semester, to your MSA 602 Financial Analysis paper).

Sometimes strategies are explicitly stated in organizational resources such as its existing strategic plan and in other cases you may have to infer them. This section is essential for pulling together key points from your literature review and your identification of external and internal situational factors. This is the beginning of your analysis for examining potential causes of the major MSA 698 issue and identifying strategies for addressing it.

Section 5: Implications for Structure and Control Systems

As you did in the preceding section, identify the implications of the major MSA 698 issue for the organization’s structure and its associated control systems. What are the implications of your MSA 698 issue in terms of organizational structure? Is current structure contributing to the cause of the issue? What structure changes might contribute to addressing the issue over the strategic timeframe. Similarly, what about the control systems?

Examine the following two diagrams and analyze any relevant structure and control system issues. Also, note that these issues may potentially be addressed again in your other three core course papers since they might relate to organization dynamics, human behaviors, culture, and financial systems.

Delete the following two diagrams after developing your narrative for this section.

Strategic Implications MSA 603
Strategic Implications MSA 603  assignment help

Section 6: Conclusions and Recommendations


Summarize the analysis that was done in the preceding sections. Highlight the major external and internal issues as they relate to the major MSA 698 issue or topic. Discuss the implications for business-level and corporate-level strategy. Also, discuss the implications for organizational strategy and structure.

Briefly describe implications of major issue for strategic goals (e.g., need new goal, changes to existing goals, obsolescence of existing goals), performance measurement implications (discuss how will addressing major issue impact activities, outputs, and outcomes), and strategy considerations (Will major issue require reformulation of existing strategies and ways of doing business, new strategies, or are there other implications?).

Based on the facts developing in Sections 2 through 5 and summarized above, write the answers to the questions that were included in Section 1.


Present a two-to-three strategic recommendations that the organization must implement to address the major MSA 698 issue.

The first recommendation was to: Include your first recommendation here. Include two-to-three sentences explaining the recommendation and how it might be implemented.

Repeat the same pattern for each of the MSA 603 recommendations. Include two-to-three sentences explaining how each recommendation might be implemented.

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