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Written Assignment Begin by preparing a case study from your own clinical practice. The case study is to provide the basis from which you will then develop your written assignment/discussion paper examining and critiquing the therapeutic intervention you used. or intended to use. Please do not use the person's name, or refer to the person as 'the patient' or 'the client' — use a pseudonym. Include in your discussion paper the following: A brief synopsis of your case study Overview of the therapeutic intervention you used when working with the consumer and rationale for utilising this approach How you developed your skills in using this intervention Critique and analyse your intervention using relevant literature, including clinical guidelines, efficacy and outcome studies and evidence 40% Pass Requirement - Students must pass this assessment item to pass the course.

Topic: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Subject: Nursing
Paper type: Case Study
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Number of soruces: 12
Language: English (U.S.)


Introduction Therapeutic intervention is a required for the well-being of patients with underlying issues. A case of a patient with a substance abuse disorder is detailed. Cognitive-behavioral therapy as a therapeutic intervention strategy is analyzed as the intervention strategy that was utilized for this specific patient. Its use is validated and justified. Additionally, personal development that was attained as a result of the use of the specific therapeutic intervention is analyzed and justified. Ultimately, the use of cognitive behavioral therapy as a treatment strategy for the specific patient is critiqued. It is compared alongside other strategies, with support and criticism against it analyzed.