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Comparison between Christianity and Hinduism

This is a comparison paper between Christianity and Hinduism. The paper also contains an annotated bibliography of the task

Topic: Comparison between Christianity and Hinduism
Subject: Religion/Theology
Paper type: Research Paper
Style: APA
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Christianity and Hinduism are among the most populous religions in the world. The Christian religion is the most popular religion in the whole world with over 2.1 billion followers. Christians believe in one God who exists in three: father, son, and Holy Spirit. One of the most important Christian concepts is that of Jesus dying on the cross and then resurrecting on the third day. On the other hand, according to scholars, Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world. It is the third-largest religion today behind Christianity and Islam with about 900 million followers. About 95% of the followers of the Hindu religion live in India and Nepal (Clooney, 2001).