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Is American Dream Attainable? (The Great Gatsby)

The paper discusses the attainability of American dream using the novel Gatsby

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it follows MLA style

Topic: Is American Dream Attainable? (The Great Gatsby)
Subject: History
Paper type: Research Paper
Style: MLA
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The Great Gatsby written by Scott Fitzgerald is a novel whose central theme revolves around the American dream. It also explores the illusions; the desperations and the downfall of those individuals who attempt to attain this objective. Yes, the American dream has different and significant values for people as expressed by the character of Jay in the Great Gatsby story. In this novel, however, the concept and the importance of attaining the dream is greatly manifested through the possession of power, wealth, as well as the level of happiness one would acquire in the end. For Jay to be happy then he must have a minimum amount of wealth and power to reassess the past, present and even the future life. Therefore, to address the attainability in the context of the American dream, the paper focus......