PERSONAL INTERVIEW PAPER (Interview Questions – 50 points & Final Paper – 100 points = 150


Conduct an interview with someone who was born outside the United States (US). If you were born outside the US, the person

to be interviewed cannot be from your culture of origin. This can be almost any individual, but it cannot be someone from the

class. In that interview, explore that individual’s thoughts and experiences relating to the class material. Find out things such

as challenges they have faced, obstacles they may have had to overcome, or other areas of inquiry. Due by Week 8 on Friday.

Obtain approval of who you are going to interview from the instructor by Week 2 of class, and submit your interview

questions prior to conducting the interview. This paper is due no later than the last day of class. The Personal Interview Paper must include the following:



Covers class concepts and ideas. These include challenges that they have faced as a result of their background,

obstacles they may have overcome, and their thoughts and views on different aspects of diversity consciousness (65%)



Provides an overall conclusion – 7 to 10 sentences (15%)

. What types of cultures have you worked with?

    1. Which one was the hardest to deal with? Why?
    1. Which one was the easiest to deal with? Why?
    1. How did you feel when you worked with people from different cultures?
    1. Was there a huge difference between your own culture and other cultures? How?
    1. What were the benefits that you got from working with people from different cultures?
    1. Did you have access to their skills, knowledge, experiences and networks? How?
    1. What were the challenges or obstacles that you faced from working with people from different cultures?
    1. Did these challenges or obstacles decrease communication effectiveness; increase conflicts; or negatively impact any other organizational processes? How?
    1. What skills did you use to overcome these challenges or obstacles? How did you use these skills?
    1. Have you suffered any discrimination or stereotyping based on your race? Please, explain.
    1. Have you ever had a problem in the workplace because of your race? Please, explain.
    1. What skills would you continue to develop in the future in order to work more effectively with individuals from other cultures?
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