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Chemistry students understand the complexity of this subjects. Sometimes submission deadlines hits before you have completed all that is needed to be done. Lectures can also be starbone and fail to extend deadlines for you. The aspect of including mathematics , laboratory reports , chemical formulas, chemical apparatus, analysis e.t.c makes this subject most challenging ..

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Organic Chemistry, Organic Molecules

  • Representing organic compound
  • Molecular formula
  • Structural formula
  • Condensed structural formula
  • Isomerism inorganic compound
  • Functional groups
  • The Hydrocarbons
  • The Alkanes, naming, properties, and reactions
  • The alkenes, naming, Properties, and reactions
  • The Alkynes
  • Alcohols, Physical and chemical properties.

Atomic and molecular structure

Periodic table

Chemical bonding


Equations and stoichiometry

Solutions and Mixtures

Acids, Bases, and pH


Biochemistry etc.

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